Employee Giving Campaign


Donate to the 2017-2018 Employee Giving Campaign! 

Employees who give $50 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card from one of the following: Cooper's Meat Market, Bless Your Heart gift shop or Cycle Hub!  

As an AHISD educator or staff member, you know that our students rely on you every day.  The AHSF also relies on you as its partner in fulfilling our joint expectations for academic excellence.  AHSF is committed to its role of raising funds to support AHISD's teachers, students and academic excellence. 

YOU, too, can help!  Your gift shows other donors your commitment to the mission and work of the Alamo Heights School Foundation. With one simple donation or payroll deduction enrollment, you help ensure AHSF funding for salaries, educator grants, specialized training and targeted program innovation. Your investment in AHSF is an investment in yourself and our students. 

You can choose a monthly payroll deduction to AHSF.  It is simple and a few dollars can make a significant impact over the year.  You can also make a single, one time donation and even choose for your gift to be anonymous.  

The Alamo Heights School Foundation is committed to putting more money back into programs and bridge the gap from lost state funding. 

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