Alamo Heights School Foundation


The Alamo Heights School Foundation has provided significant support for students and
teachers in AHISD for over forty-five years. AHSF is committed to furthering its mission
to enhance academic excellence for every student with a focus on funding teachers and staff.

Created in 2002, the AHSF Endowment Fund provides an avenue through which advocates of
public education excellence can significantly impact AHISD in the future as well as today.
AHSF is committed to growing the General Endowment Fund.

Endowment income is distributed to AHISD annually to support several areas of commitment
to academic needs. These commitments include funding for Endowed positions, named grants
for instructional training and special programs, grants that recognize outstanding
instructional achievement and named scholarships for AHHS graduates. While support of
teacher grants and salaries come from the Annual Giving Campaign, most gifts to AHISD
are calculated from the endowment fund.

Contributors to the Endowment Fund provide stable, long-term funding for programs that
will enable AHISD to continue offering outstanding public education despite financial
restrictions placed on the district by the state. A tax deductible gift to the Alamo
Heights School Foundation Endowment Fund is a uniquely effective way to invest in the
future of AHISD and our community.

For more information on the Endowment Fund please contact Heather McFarland at 210-832-5957