Alamo Heights School Foundation

Grants and Awards

AHSF supports and recognizes Alamo Heights Educators through several grant opportunities as well as with awards for academic achievement and peer recognition. In addition to the Grants to Educators each year, the following endowments support specific academic instruction and specialized training.

Named Chairs

Faye Langley Cowden Chair for Elementary Education
Glenn & Sally Ramsdell Memorial Chair in English

Named Endowed Funds

AHSF Teacher for Academic Excellence in Science
Rob Boldrick Memorial Fund
Johnnie Eng Excellence in Teaching
Caroline Gose Memorial Grant
Charles Urschel Guenther Theater Arts Fund
Reid Hallman Kelley Memorial Fund for Science
Ida M. Kennedy Fund for Academic Excellence
Graham Ladensohn Memorial Lecture Series
Martha Spoor Young Writers Fund
Wellness Program Coordinator

Restricted Support

Paul Foerster Math Fund
Heights Heroes Awards