Alamo Heights School Foundation

Our Story

The Alamo Heights School Foundation is the oldest public school foundation in Texas. Since 1971, with the generosity of our community, the Foundation has provided millions of dollars to meet critical educational needs of AHISD as well as ongoing support of its teachers and students.

In the 1990s, the Texas Legislature passed school finance laws mandating that the more affluent tax based school districts send a significant portion of their taxable income to the state for redistribution to school districts with lesser means. This became known as the “Robin Hood” law. As state funding back to these districts has declined, the AHSF Board has focused on annual giving campaigns and growing a permanent endowment.

The Alamo Heights School Foundation is overseen by a volunteer community-based board and a small staff.

Executive Committee

Brian Hamilton – President
Carrie Worthen – President Elect
Brooke Peacock – Secretary
Jason Menzel – Treasurer/VP Finance/Investment

Meg Culp – VP Resource Allocation
Trish DeBerry – VP Marketing
Peter Hennessey IV – VP Fundraising
Sheila Mayfield – Immediate Past President

Board Members

Meredith Brewer
Erin Drawert
Ty Edwards
Kelly Fellbaum
Clare Flesher
Becky Gulley
Brad Hardy
Carey Hildebrand

Emily Jones
Audra Kerr
Emily King
Cardo Kleberg
James Lehmann
Jill Martinez
Julie Peeler
Erin Seki
Thad Ziegler


Dr. Kevin Brown, AHISD Superintendent
Bonnie Giddens, AHISD School Board Liaison
Dianne Hughes, AHSF Executive Director


Executive Director – Heather McFarland
Project Manager – Alexis Moore

Alamo Heights School Foundation
7101 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 832-5957 (phone)
(210) 822-2221 (fax)