Wednesday, November 6, 2024

The Witte Museum


  • O'Kelley Little

  • Meredith Michelson



What: Greater Heights Night 2024
When: Wednesday, November 6th
Where: The Witte Museum
Why: Because our students, teachers and schools need our community's support!

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Our 2024 Sponsors

Greehey Family Foundation
Cavender Auto Family
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Preserve Title Company

Jenger and Steve Waters

Worth & Associates: The Worth and Arriaga Families

Brouillard, Dyer and Goudge Families

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Alamo Heights Dental
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O'Kelley and Paul Little

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The Michelson Family

The Mouynes Family

Jessica and Tucker Mudrick

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The Park Family

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Amanda and Jim Williams

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Tracy and Jack Williams

Anna and Thad C. Ziegler

Lynn and Thad W. Ziegler



 O'Kelley Little &  Meredith Michelson

Campus Ambassadors

Wesley Pennington, Jordan Williams, Courtney Percy, Kelly Fry, Stacy Hoyt, Ashley Brownlee, Kristin Payne, Ann Flannery, Ann Walton, Christy Hinchey & Lauren Ludwick

Creative Production

Stephanie Bailey & Lindsay Nash

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Live Auction

Leah Lacy & LindaGail Dulnig

Mule Parties

Lynsey Adame, Brandi Sutherland, Ashby Christian & Shannon Kingman

Mystery Bags

Brooke Urban, Ali Hatten, Amy Willcox & Elizabeth Reblin

Silent Auction 

Julie Bruton, Lauren Spalten, Stephanie Rinn & Jennifer Park

Wine & Liquor

Stephanie Sierra, Lacey Shannon & Catherine Bishop


Margaret Pape


Scotty Macdaniel


Elizabeth Marceau

After Party

Kendra Carter