Mules Monthly Giving

Mules Monthly Giving

In 1971, our community established the first public school foundation in the great State of Texas.

Throughout the last 50 years, numerous community leaders, parents, grandparents, and alumni have led the Foundation’s efforts to support our students, back our teachers, and fund our schools. 

This year, we celebrate their vision while cultivating community support for the future. Join us in funding our schools by making a monthly gift of your choice to back teachers all year long!

Important Steps to Set Up Your Mules Monthly Giving:
1. Click the "Donate" button.
2. Select your monthly donation amount.
3. Choose your payment method.
4. Complete the form.

The gift will be recurring until you contact us to pause, cancel, or change payment method.

For more information about the Foundation and how you can participate visit our website at

Need assistance? We can help! Call us at (210) 832-5957.