Employee Giving

You Can Help!

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For over 50 years, the Alamo Heights School Foundation has raised private funds from our community to support our mission of enhancing academic excellence for EVERY student with a focus on funding teachers and staff. Last year, we were honored to give a record-breaking $1.6 million to AHISD for this very purpose.

We remind our friends across Alamo Heights that no matter where your passions lie, our schools are the heart of our community, and our teachers and staff are its lifeblood. We garner support from parents, grandparents, alumni, retired personnel, local businesses, and countless others so that we can continue supporting our children, backing our teachers, and funding our schools. There truly is #NoPlaceLikeAHISD.

By giving through the AHSF, you help us provide additional salary support for every teacher and staff member in AHISD. Join the campaign by making a one-time or monthly gift today!

If you would like to participate through payroll deduction, please download the form and email it to Jessica at jkelley@ahisd.net or send it to the AHSF at Central Office via Pony Express.

Employee Giving Form