What We Fund

Alamo Heights School Foundation Scholarship Opportunities:

Scholarship applications typically open in January and close in March. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates and announcements.

The Oma E. Vordenbaum Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship awarded to two (2) Alamo Heights High School graduating seniors for college tuition. Award money will be sent directly to the recipient’s institution, $1,000 each semester, for a total of $2,000 for one year. The scholarship is based on both merit and need.

The recipient will have many of the qualities that Mrs. Vordenbaum, an English teacher at Alamo Heights for 27 years, exemplified herself and valued in others. These qualities include intellectual curiosity, a love of learning, an honest and direct approach, sincerity, trustworthiness, and respect for others, a wholesome attitude toward school and education, and a positive approach to life.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be a graduating senior at Alamo Heights High School
  • Have attended Alamo Heights High School for at least the last 2 years
  • Have achieved a minimum total score of 900 on the SAT verbal and math sections, or 19 on the ACT
  • Meet the minimum enrollment requirements of the college selected
  • Rank in the top quarter of the high school graduating class
  • Have participated in extracurricular activities

Apply for the Oma E. Vordenbaum Scholarship here.

The W.W. & Anna May Campbell Scholarship Fund typically provides between $15,000 and $30,000 a year in scholarships depending on the endowment's performance. The scholarship application is open each year in the spring to graduates of Alamo Heights High School. Students who meet the eligibility requirements below can apply and may be selected to receive the scholarship each year they are eligible.

  • Have achieved at least sophomore standing and are attending a state or other publicly supported college or university
  • demonstrate financial need
  • Have maintained at least a C average
  • Have other qualities such as leadership, community involvement, work history and special professional qualifications.

Apply for the W.W. & Anna May Campbell Scholarship here.

The Bob Ware Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who has maintained good grades, while participating in athletics and extracurricular activities. No application is required. Selection is made by a committee composed of an assistant principal, a teacher, and a representative from the athletic department.

Alamo Heights School Foundation believes that an excellent education begins and ends with great teachers.

By funding teachers, we can have a tangible, immediate impact on the education our students receive. More teachers mean smaller class sizes, innovative programs, and more individualized instruction. However, the State of Texas doesn’t view small class sizes, innovative programs, and individualize instruction as essential. In fact, the State of Texas says the following positions aren’t essential.

Here are some positions that are considered “non-essential”:

  • Librarians
  • Nurses
  • Gifted & Talented Teachers
  • Campus Tech Coordinators
  • Counselors
  • Special Teachers (Art, Music, PE)
  • Elective Teachers
  • Foreign Languages
  • Learning Labs
  • AP and Pre-AP Classes
  • Classes in Technology, Journalism, Debate, Statistics, Calculus, Biology II, Chemistry II, Creative Writing, Fine Arts
  • Band, Choir, Orchestra and Drama Programs
  • All Sports Programs

In Alamo Heights we believe that these teachers are vital to our students learning. Since the beginning of “Robin Hood” legislation in the 1990s over $558 MILLION of our property tax dollars have left our community. Today, we rely on the generosity of donors such as you to help us ensure that our students continue to have access to these VITAL TEACHERS.