Class of 1949: 70th Reunion

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Class of 1949: 70th Reunion


May 18, 2019



Event Description

Mule Train

As members of the Alamo Heights Class of ’49, we can proudly remember a song then voted as one of the best country-western songs of all time. As a graduating class and a bunch of mules, we can reminisce and identify with “Mule Train”: Clippity-clopping on the mountain chain, most of us have “reached the top”, and some “kept a-going ’till we dropped'”.

My family bunch of Warren mules have been proud members of Alamo Heights Schools over the years since the three of us had the good fortune to move to Alamo Heights from out on the Bandera Road. We then enjoyed a school system in a community of “Mule Trains.” Heights mules enjoyed a mixture of academics in a community of sports. The school campus was a continuum on Townsend Avenue to Cambridge Oval.

Related activities attracted us to football, basketball, track and field, band and Pep Squad; and other activities like model airplanes, model cars, soapbox racers, pigeon racing, Guinea pigs, rabbits, homemade pigeon coops, animal hutches and canvas-covered boy-built creek boats. Some of us old guys remember our exciting experience of being on a Midget football team that won the city championship, too.

A neighbor kid even gave us a wild-caught pet ringtail cat named “coocumber” who rode with me on my bicycle, eventually causing embarrassment by pooping on me right out front of Joan and Janet Herweck’s house!

In our spare time, the Warren Mules did school work earning scholarships to Rice and the Naval Academy for Bobby and Blair, as well as Monticello for baby sister Anne. As a family we remain indebted to the academics of blue and gold of Alamo Heights.

In addition to reminiscing about shared school activities, the lasting connection to friends, old and dear, keeps me coming back to these reunions.

Thanks to Jimmie Earl’s tenacity, we have been blessed with numerous emails which have allowed us to stay in touch, knowing when one of our group has passed away or moved, or needs prayer due to health issues. Plus, he really must love a good party, because our reunions over the last 20 years have been lots of fun and I’m sure that’s why all of you are attending this gathering.

As good as Jimmie is, we know he didn’t pull this off without help. At this time I’d like the reunion committee to stand and be recognized. Let’s hear a round of applause for all these hard working folks!

Thank all of you for attending and let’s keep this Mule Train going down the road.

-Bobby Warren, Class of 1949

Saturday, May 18 at 6 PM

The Towers Reunion Chair: Jim Earl